Body Butter Body Butter

Our extra rich LYLA jasmine and orange body butter has been designed to resurrect dry irritated skin back to life.

£23.50 £12.50

Body Wash Body Wash

Splish, splash, it's time for a shower with LYLA Body Wash - y'know, to wash off the absurd amount of opinions about what we should or shouldn't do with our bodies.

£17.50 £12.00

Dry Bergamot Oil for Hair & Body Dry Bergamot Oil for Hair & Body

 Meet the LYLA Spray Oil. She's here to give you luscious hair whilst helping you wave buh-bye to ashy dry skin.

£23.50 £14.00

Exfoliating Scrub Exfoliating Scrub
He’s made with true love, pink Himalayan salt and a svelte blend of vitamin E and almond oils.

£26.50 £14.50

Razor Refills Razor Refills

You may be 100% monogamous with the LYLA razor [we wouldn't have it any other way], but with your LYLA razor blades, we encourage you to switch things up when things get dull [geddit].


Razor Stand Razor Stand

The LYLA razor stands tall and proud with the help of this gorgeous razor stand.



The most bad ass all star line up in one unmissable launch offer. For royalty only.

£108.50 £37.90

Shave Oil Shave Oil
Meet LYLA Shave Oil, the life partner to our LYLA razor and your loyal shaving wing woman.


The Queen Bee Razor The Queen Bee Razor
She’s the sassiest, badassiest blade in town and doesn't fck around.